Comprehensive Model

Comprehensive Model


The 10 bed centre provides a complete system of Comprehensive Rehabilitation. This included care from the site of injury, to the home, covering socio-economic and medical care, along with advocacy for rights of persons with disabilities and training the persons with disabilities for leadership roles.


We recognized that medical aspect of rehabilitation in spinal injury was only a part. The other components of socio-economic assistance and advocacy were more difficult but as essential as medical care.

With the aim of preventing the complications, we are educating the patients and care giver.

The link to the community is provided by a medical team, a community educator, social worker who go to each Spinal injured home to help them integrate in the community and assist them in creating accessibility in their housing and villages.

Other activities include sports therapy, art therapy and formation of self help groups for counseling. 



Economic livelihood or wage employment whichever is possible is provided to our patients. 
These measures assist in the improvement of the quality of life, financial independence and thereby increased Social acceptance.


We found a drop in mortality rates for those entering the rehabilitation program. The morbidity rates were significantly reduced from 75% to less than 1% in a span of two years.
The leadership programme and rural centres help sustain the Spinal injured in Odisha who came in touch with us (See 
Flight to Freedom).



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