Flight to Freedom

Flight to Freedom

This book attempts to relate the experiences and the innovative developmental effort of this organization from its beginning to a position of it being recognized as one of the leading institutions in the disability sector in the country today.

Orissa ranks as the most socio-economic backward state in India. It is bereft of an industrial climate and the levels of literacy and poverty are well below its neighboring states. 80% of its population live in rural communities. People with disabilities account for a staggering 6% of its population and over 800 cases of spinal cord injuries are reported annually.

It is under such difficult conditions, this organization chose to focus itself to serving the severest forms of disability. We believed that it could help retrieve productivity, contribute to the standardization of rehabilitation and care services as well as create uniform programmes in order to uplift the disability sector in the State. We hoped that soon the people with disability we served will find the freedom to become achievers in their own right

(For going through the whole document refer the Link – Download Materials - Flight To Freedom.pdf)

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