Care Giver Training - Demonstration training is being provided in hospitals, at our indoor services - skin, bowel, bladder and bones care management to prevent complication & enable early rehabilitation.

Doctor’s & Paramedics Training: The main objective of the training and demonstration workshop is to train the doctors, nurses and paramedical personnel in the care of Spinal Cord Injury patients. Education of the paramedics is considered of paramount importance in improving the care of Spinal Cord Injury within the existing health care system. The idea is to train as many nurses and paramedics as possible and to encourage them to pass on the information, knowledge and technique to the relatives of the patient as in our social setup it is the relative i.e. mother, wife or brother, who are responsible for the long term care of the patient.

Three training and demonstration workshops were held in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Berhampur. In total 375 nurses / nursing students, 23 Physiotherapists and occupational therapist, 117 doctors and 62 paramedics were trained over 3 days. There were 12 faculty members drawn from the National & International delegates. This program was continued for a number of years to train doctors and nurses etc in acute care management in all district hospitals and nursing schools of Odisha.

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