Women with Disabilities Campaign

Women with Disabilities Campaign


  1. Include Women in Disability Rights


Today, as part of our Advocacy of disability rights, we have created a platform for women with disabilities who we feel will lead this movement to ameliorate their rights and for all other people with disabilities irrespective of their gender, socio-economic status, caste, colour, religion or creed. In 2004 in Goa at the Indian Association of Women’s Studies meet, Asha Hans (EVP, SMRC) brought together for the first time the women from the disability movement and feminist movement of India.



The “Azadi Ki Udaan” Campaign aims to build the capacity of Women with Disabilities (WwDs), promote their right to health and advance zero tolerance for violence. The main goal of the Project is to facilitate the agency, empowerment and inclusion of WwDs. It promotes access to critical services such as access to health care and protection against violence and abuse taking a multidisciplinary approach through six primary objectives. Direct beneficiaries of the Project include more than 1,400 WwDs and 80 disabled people’s organizations and over 50,000 WwDs as indirect beneficiaries in the four target states of Odisha, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Telangana.


National Workshop of Leaders of Disability Movement


Two-days National Workshop of Leaders of Disability Movement organized at New Delhi on 26th and 27th February 2015 to initiate the Campaign on Domestic Violence and Women with Disabilities. The Campaign includes 3 components:


  • Create Awareness as under CRPD Article 28

  • Build Capacity of Women with Disabilities, Survivors of Domestic Violence

  • Provide support so they can live an independent life


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